Access to education has a proven positive impact on justice-involved young people’s futures. It creates opportunities for jobs, increases earnings and improves the chances they will break out of generational cycles of crime, homelessness and unemployment. They face so many barriers – you can help remove at least one.

J. Russell “Russ” Jennings Scholarship

The J. Russell “Russ” Jennings Scholarship awards $15,000 to support a young person over two years to cover the costs of tuition, books and supplies with the support of mentor who has continued their education after system involvement. It takes time to heal post-incarceration while also pursuing your education and professional goals. The mentors have been critical helping recipients navigate online course registrations, complete financial forms and balance school work, a job and personal wellbeing.

How To Apply

Applications for a Jennings Scholarship are available each February. Criteria to be considered include a written essay describing how the scholarship will help advance their education and how they will help pay it forward.

" I did not have a positive childhood although I had the desire too. Once my actions caught up with me and I was sent to the (state juvenile agency). I felt an overwhelming sense of anger, regret, and frustration. There was one gleam of hope in my experience upon graduation from high school. My teacher started talking to me about furthering my education and becoming a marine biologist "

- Dalton

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