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Over the last two decades we’ve promoted research and practices to make sure young people are safe, feel safe, have a voice and their families are partners in their care -- all of which are keys to healthy adolescent development.

About 90%

of all young people in facilities are screened for risk of general health, mental health issues and suicide, within an hour of admission to a correction facility.


of young people said they had input into meetings about themselves.


of family members consistently say that staff value their opinion regarding their child’s rehabilitation

Stephen Kaplan
Scholarship Recipient

Education & Employment Foundation

As many as 7 out of 10 young people fail after being incarcerated, largely because they leave without the educational and employment skills and opportunities they need to be successful. We provide direct assistance through our scholarships, reentry and employment matching awards to stop the flow of young people from youth justice to adult prisons and the overincarceration of Black and Brown individuals.

College for me was about understanding there’s a whole other world out there. Getting $2,000 to pay for a term of college would be like, ‘Wow, I could be a mathematician, an engineer. I could be a dancer if I wanted to.’ Who knows, whenever it is. You don't think about those possibilities when you're young and you've gone into the system. You only know two things: Your life before and your life during.
- Stephen

$189,536 has been raised and awarded directly to 177 justice-involved young people.

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