Reentry Awards

Our work in the youth justice field for more than two decades has shown us that young people leaving facilities rarely have access to basic living necessities ― sheets, groceries, clothes as they prepare present themselves to employers and hygiene supplies. The little things that can make or break the transition to living independently.

The Reentry Award aims to close the gap for disadvantaged and struggling youths by providing access to things, that we often take for granted, to young people leaving the juvenile justice system. This opportunity is designed to make the transition to independent living as smooth as possible. With all the bumps and barriers that already exist, access to necessities can make all the difference.

The Reentry Award is one small way to help break generational cycles of incarceration and the collateral consequences that follow. Your support offers a lifeline to those in need. We need your support to continue to thrive. Together, let’s empower these resilient youth as they embark on their journey to a fresh start.

How To Apply

Applications are accepted each year in the fall.

" This money will give me the motivation to work hard and to provide for myself... it will also teach me to help others the way I have been helped. "

- Dijon

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