Training and Technical Assistance

The Center for Improving Youth Justice works with states, counties, tribes and communities to increase access to, effectiveness of and implementation of research-based practices.


Build a comprehensive reentry system

Conditions of Confinement

Ensure facilities are safe and services are effective

Survey Tools

Listen to the voices of the people you serve
How does the training and technical assistance work?
We tailor it to fit your needs. Our team will work with you to understand your unique situation and provide expert insight to make improvements.
What are the main components of the training and technical assistance?
We educate, support and guide improvements.
What is the model of the training and technical assistance?
We use a data-driven continuous improvement model that starts by assessing the situation or problem, identifying research-based responses and solutions and establishing a plan and process for regular review and revision as needed. We provide ongoing coaching to build a sustainable improvement.
What services are included in the training and technical assistance?
Access to research-based standards, practices, resources and time-tested data, membership in a national community with opportunities for networking and support from experts and field leaders.

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